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Public Act 161 of 2013 was signed by the Michigan Governor Rick Snyder this November. It grants full property tax exemptions for the homesteads of Veterans in Deerfield Township who have been discharged from the United States Military under Honorable Conditions and qualify for a homestead exemption under ONE or more of the following:

1) Has been determined by the VA to be permanently and totally disabled as a result of Military Service and is entitled to veteran’s benefits at rate of 100%.

2) Has a certificate from the VA or its successors certifying that they
have received pecuniary assistance under the Specially Adapted Housing grant program.

3) Is rated by the VA as Individually Unemployable

4) Is the surviving, unremarried spouse of a veteran who is eligible under one of the
above criteria.

This information should be of interest to anyone who qualifies and/or organizations that may be in contact with eligible individuals. They can call Equity Assessments (989) 644-3413 with questions or to get on the list for forms.

There will be a list kept of everyone eligible and forms will be sent to those on the list as soon a format is set. Copies can be forwarded to anyone who would like to pass them out.

For 2014 and going forward, this form will be required to be submitted to the assessor on an annual basis between Jan 1 and adjournment of “the final adjournment of the local board of review.” That date may be set as March or December. The State has noted that qualifying applications and affidavits for 2013 can be submitted for action at the 2013 December Board of Review. These exemptions will affect July and December 2013 tax rolls, so the quick action is encouraged.